Parrotdise Perch

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Most people that know me would think that my favourite Parrot species is the Caique. I adore all my Caiques, however, my absolute favourite Parrots are Parrotlets. They a full of spunk and have huge personalities. Like most Parrots they are very social and if housed individually will become completely devoted to their chosen person. What impresses me the most about Parrotlets is how well they communicate.

At just 4-1/2 to 6 inches tall, they resemble a miniature version of the Amazon Parrot which also happens to be the closest related species. Parrotlets, although only 28 grams, are big eaters and will devour as much food in a day as a Cockatiel. Because they love food they are easy to train when using food as a reward.

There are seven sub-species but only three are kept as pets, the most common is the Pacific Parrotlet, shown here. They are bolder than their shy cousin the Green-Rumped Parrotlet and inquisitive cousin the Spectacled Parrotlet. Parrotlets are fairly quiet and will chirp or even talk for attention. A good example of their squeaky high-pitched voice is on this YouTube link.  Approximately 70% of Pacific male blue mutations talk compared to 30% of the females. Both male and female Spectacled Parrotlets are equally good talkers.