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Our Story

Welcome to Parrotdise!

Parrotdise Perch is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.  We do this by ensuring our products are safe and provide enrichment for your Parrot.  It's also our goal to help you maintain the best possible relationship with your Parrots.  Our greatest pleasure is listening to our customers attempt to describe that connection they have made with their Parrots.  You may know what we are talking about: that moment when your Parrot looks right in your eyes as if they understand exactly what you are thinking.

This can be achieved through environmental enrichment, positive reinforcement training or including your Parrot in your daily activities.  Whatever your lifestyle, we will strive to provide you with the tools to balance it with having a companion Parrot.

You will find over three thousand product choices to provide environmental enrichment for your Parrot, including toys unique to Parrotdise Perch as well as all the newest products available; ranging from healthy diets and treats to spectacular cages filled with challenging and safe toys. If you are feeling creative, or simply want to repair your Parrot's favourite toy, we also have a wide assortment of toy making supplies.

Parrotdise Perch has hosted informative and engaging seminars with great speakers such as Barbara Heidenreich and Susan Friedman, covering topics on behaviour, enrichment and toy making.  Upcoming seminars are announced in our newsletter.

Need help with a little behaviour problem? All sales staff have taken courses on behaviour modification and can offer guidance when it comes to many of the issues you may encounter.  If it's a bigger problem, we will help you connect with behaviour or health specialists.

And for those of you that spend most of the day with your Parrot, we can offer you training tips and equipment so you have control over their environment while out of the cage or house.

With 20 years of service, the Parrotdise Perch Team have built a wealth of knowledge from seminars, publications, and most importantly, listening to our many customers.  We continue to learn every day.  Parrot care is an ever-improving activity and we strive to share all of these innovations with you for the benefit of your Parrots.

If you have any comments you can contact me directly at [email protected] or phone 905-624-1220 ext 1, 403-243-2194 ext 1.