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There are four subspecies of Caiques but only two are common pets in North America, the Black Headed Caique and the White Belly Caique, shown here.  White Belly Caiques are also referred to as Yellow Thigh Caiques. 

These goofy characters just want to have fun and make you laugh. The more you laugh the crazier they get.  Some will learn to hop and the more attention they get the more they will continue to entertain.  They love their toys and will bash them around if not destroy them, often by hanging upside down from the top bars of their cage.  This is a good reason to leave their nails a little longer than you would with other Parrot species.

Most Caiques are very food-motivated and love to play games for treats, so you will definitely want to learn how to clicker train.  I have two that play basketball against each other.  No sooner do I reward one the other is across the table dunking the ball in their net.  To avoid confusion they each have their own clicker with a unique sound.

Caiques are perfect for busy people as they enjoy entertaining themself while you are away. Some are quite mechanical and will open up anything you give them including their cage doors. One of mine will spend hours just picking up the chain in the Ching Chang and dropping it on the other side of the bolt.  Each of mine has different toy preferences so I suggest starting with a variety of talon toys to learn what your Caique loves the most.

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