This weeks Blog is about LOVE and it is our first interactive Blog.  At the end of our Blog we have a question soliciting your participation.  I think we will all find it very interesting to hear what others owned by Parrots have to say.  Please feel free to post here or on either of our Facebook pages.

Unlike dogs and cats, Parrots clearly choose whom they wish to form strong bonds with. You may love your Parrot, but he or she may not necessarily offer you unconditional love in return. 

To determine if Parrots actually show love we first need to define it. 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines love as “affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests”.

What does love of a Parrot look like?  I think we can all agree that love is an emotion or several different Affect Emotions as we will discover from the research done by Dr. Jaak Pankseep.  Dr. Pankseep has studied the neural mechanisms of emotion in animals.

The study of emotion originally began by monitoring facial expressions.  Facial expressions can provide clear signals of what is happening in the brain.  Through Dr. Pankseep’s research the study of emotion has evolved to watching certain displays of behaviour in animals.

He has identified 7 core mammalian emotions, Seeking (desire, brain reward system for survival), Rage (protect own resources), Fear (protect oneself), Lust (reproduction), Care (nurturing), Panic/Grief (loss, insecurity or lack of control) and Play (socialization).  It is safe to assume that these 7 core emotions can also be identifiable in birds.

These Affect Emotionals are the guide for living and learning.  When our Parrots are highly stimulated in and have a balance between Seeking and Play they will display very positive behaviours. 

Which of the 7 core emotions do you feel define your Parrot's love towards you and how does your Parrot display them?

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Of added interest check out these videos of Dr. Jaak Pankseep playing with rats to get them to laugh.