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Bag of Bagels

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Bag of Bagels

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We have more to the assortment of fruit flavoured Birdie Bagels so you can see what size and shape your Parrot loves the best. This is a great starter pack when introducing Birdie Bagels to your Parrot.
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Assortment of Birdie Bagels and Bird Bites provide Parrots with the psychological enrichment often missing from the life of a captive Parrot.  All Parrots love these but they're especially great for feather pluckers and destructive Parrots by satisfying the need for chewing, shredding, and peeling. Inexpensive (great value) and non-toxic.

Each package contains:
6 - 2.0 cm (3/4") Bitty Bagels
2 - 2.5 cm (1") Chubby Bagels
2 - 5.0 cm (2") Bagels
2 - 7.5 cm (3") Bagels
2 - 7.5 cm (3") Bagel Bites
2 - 3.7 cm (1-1/2") Bagel Bites
1 - 18  cm (7") Bagel Hoop

"My tiel likes the large ring, she sits in the centre and chews. I have the 3" middle size tied to her perch and she hangs backwards on the ring and then swings up to chew it. Really funny. They are actually much better than paper towel tubes because they are so hard, the bird actually has to work to chew them. I find she gets bored with regular cardboard tubes because there is no challenge to chewing them. These bagels, however, are great." Colleen, Calgary Alberta.

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Species African Grey, Alexandrine, Amazon, Caique, Small Cockatoo, Large Cockatoo, Large Conure, Eclectus, Hawk-Head, Macaw, Mini Macaw, Pionus, Small Poicephalus, Large Poicephalus, Vasa, Ringneck

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