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Three Door Stack

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Three Door Stack

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The Three Door Stack has three 2-inch pull out drawers located on 3 different sides Your Parrot must open each drawers to access the food or treats. There is stop to prevent treats from falling out or being easily removed. This device becomes more interesting when you add a different treat in each drawer allowing your Parrot to make choices based seeing the contents. Or make it more difficult by hiding a treat (a nut or piece of a favorite fruit) in shredded paper and stuff it into the drawer.
Bird Size (see Product Guide)


The Mini Bird Brush is just the right size for small size Parrots. This colourful, yet natural shredding toy is made with bamboo strips and straw. It is the perfect small shredding toy for Parrotlets and Parakeets.  Your little guys will just love to shred the bamboo and straw from this colorful small brush.

Approximately 7.5cm x 5cm (5" x 2")

Recommended For

Species African Grey, Alexandrine, Amazon, Caique, Small Cockatoo, Small Conure, Large Conure, Eclectus, Hawk-Head, Lory And Lorikeet, Mini Macaw, Pionus, Small Poicephalus, Large Poicephalus, Quaker, Rosella, Vasa, Ringneck

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