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Cathedral Stainless Steel Dometop Cage Extra Large

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Cathedral Stainless Steel Dometop Cage Extra Large

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All companion Parrots require a safe haven, an area they are able to establish and define as their own territory. Your Parrot's cage should provide enough space for exercise and play, an area where food and water will be available and a secure area for rest or sleep.

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Featherland has carefully considered the space requirements for the many individual species which might be housed in each cage model.  Their top priority is to provide your Parrot's with a safe home.  Upon simple inspection you will be able to determine that our craftsmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed.  All Featherland Parrot cages are available in stainless steel.

We believe that your cage should be user friendly for Parrots and the people who care for them. Featherland's environmentally sensitive industrial design team has developed and patented new technology which makes assembly a simple task, with no nuts and bolts and requiring no tools.  Obviously these features make breakdown for routine cleaning and disinfecting a simple task. Cage maintenance is easy.

Approximately: 32” D x 48” W x 74" H (interior cage height 62”)
Specifications: 1.25” inch bar spacing, 5mm wire

Standard Features:

  • A knock down folding cage, no nuts and bolts, simple assembly. As an a convenience for those who do daily cage maintenance this model features two slide out grills and trays
  • The arch top provides a maximum of interior space
  • Durable metal trays, Slide out grills, Self-locking parrot proof door locks, Snap on bottom shelf, Easy glide locking casters, Adjustable, swivel loop toy hangers
  • Easy to remove, 4 inch slide on apron, fits between the grill and tray. to insure that your bird will not escape when the grill is removed for cleaning
  • Four swing out feeder doors
  • 3 Stoneware Cups / with holders
  • 2 Natural wood perches

Optional exterior feeders: The ultimate in terms of environmental hygiene, overall cleanliness and caretaker convenience. The exterior feeders prevent soilage of food and water cups and provide additional interior cage space. The sliding polycarbonate cover stays securely shut with a pin lock that only you can open.

Recommended For

Species Large Cockatoo, Macaw

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