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Parrotdise Perch

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Aluminium Travel Cage

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Aluminium Travel Cage

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Good for Small to Large Parrots. Great for sitting outside, travelling or weekend get-aways at the cabin!  It comes with a rope perch that provides better grip while in motion.

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This travel cage is ideal for short term use, traveling or an emergency.  It is made with anodized aluminum that is rust resistant provides a sturdy and lighter cage than other travel cages. The innovative welded brackets secure a seat belt for added safety while traveling in a vehicle.  The solid cup doors prevent spilling while the lock-in-place 20 oz cups will not be dislodged by your Parrot.  Available in matt black only.

Approximately 47.7 cm by 37.75 cm by 45.75 cm high 7 kilos (18-3/4’’ x 14-7/8’’ x 18’’ 15 lbs)
Total height including top perch/handle is 63.5 cm (25") with 12.7 cm (1/2'') bar spacing

Recommended For

Species African Grey, Amazon, Caique, Cockatiel, Small Cockatoo, Small Conure, Large Conure, Eclectus, Hawk-Head, Lory And Lorikeet, Mini Macaw, Pionus, Small Poicephalus, Quaker, Rosella, Ringneck

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