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We Care

At Parrotdise Perch we care deeply about the wellbeing of our customer's Parrots, the quality of the products we carry, and overall customer satisfaction.

Healthy Choices are Essential

More and more Parrot owners are seeking Organic or non-GMO food products. We carry several options of both. We encourage you to call and talk with us about the options available for your Parrots.

Toy Selection

We have a safety first policy at Parrotdise Perch which we apply to products purchased as well as the many toys we produce on site. We inspect all toys upon arrival to ensure they have only bird-safe parts and we have sent toys to a qualified lab for testing to ensure they are safe. We are able to make corrections on most questionable toys since we have been trained to work with metals, various types of rope, wood and dyes. Only food-grade dyes are used on our toys. Toys are inspected several times to ensure they are safe.

Parrotdise Perch has several exclusive toys that can only be found at our East and West stores. We do not currently sell our toys to other retailers, although we are often asked. If you see one of our unique toys elsewhere it is most likely a copy and therefore has not been through our rigorous safety checks.

When you are looking for a special or favorite toy and do not see it on our website please let us know. We are always on the lookout for new toys to carry, and welcome your suggestions!

On Baby Parrots

We do not sell baby Parrots. We started out by trying to educate a prospective bird owner by referring them to resources, recommending local registered Parrot shelters or if that was not an option providing them with names of reputable breeders. It was soon evident that this was not working. We all know how irresistible baby Parrots can be, so one more stop at another pet store and they would rather become new bird owners. We were occasionally successful when referring experienced bird owners to rescues and breeders, and letting customers who needed to rehome a Parrot post ads in our store.  Our classes have had a greater influence on helping many bird owners maintain the human-Parrot relationship as always a positive one.  We also consult with new Parrot owners on nutrition and behavior.  We have a very high success rate at helping new Parrot owners improve their relationship with thier Parrot and eliminate problem behaviors.