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Welcome to our Parrotdise online store.  We specialize in Parrot enrichment through species specific nutritional diets, environmental stimulation, foraging and holistic remedies for emotional balance.  Parrotdise Perch carries healthy bird foods, organic bird food, hand made parrot toys, balsa bird toys, loofah bird toys, cork bird toys, wood parrot toys, small bird toys, large bird toys, bird perches, playgyms, bird cages, stainless steel parrot cages and bird training books, parrot magazines, parrot DVD's and bird training props.  We sell the most popular bird food brands such as: Harrison's Bird Food, TOPS Parrot Food, LaFebers, Higgins, Worldly Cuisine, Roudybush, Volkman's bird seed, Caitec's Oven Fresh Bites, Goldenfeast, Gusto Parrot Treats, ZuPreem bird food, Hagen Tropican bird food, Vitacraft, Quiko Lory Food, Momma's Birdie Bread, Harrison Birdie Bread.  The Gusto Parrots Treats include unsprayed Almonds in Shell, raw nuts in shell, natural food supplements, freeze dried vegetables and healty organic parrot treats. Other lines we carry are our own hand made Parrotdise Perch toys, Alpha Bird Toys, Atoms, Avian Adventure Cages, Aviator Harness, Booda Rope Perches, Cage'n Queen Bird Toys, Caitec Paradise toys, Caitec Creative Foraging System, Centurion Cages Company, Designer Toys, Featherland Cages, Feathersmart, Fun for Fids, Fun Max, Graham's Parrot Toy Creations, HQ Cages, Jungle Toys, JW Pet Products, Mother Pluckin' Bird Toys, Nature's Instinct, Parrot art, Parrot ornaments, Parrot pins, Pak-o-Bird Carriers, Pinfeathers, Planet Pleasures, Platinum Toy Works, Playful Parrot, Polly Wanna Pinata, Superbird Toys, Scooterz, Wesco Bird Kabobs, Wingabagos, Wingdows, and Zoo Max toys.